Atlantic Blues: Piano

Atlantic Blues Piano
Atlantic · 1986 · 84,30 Mb

01. Yancey Special - Jimmy Yancey
02. Talkin' Boogie - Little Brother Montgomery
03. Mournful Blues - Jimmy Yancey
04. Salute To Pinetop - Jimmy Yancey
05. Shave 'Em Dry - Jimmy Yancey
06. Frankie And Johnny - Jack Dupree
07. T.B. Blues - Jack Dupree
08. Strollin' - Jack Dupree
09. Tipitina - Professor Longhair
10. Blue Sender - Van "Piano Man" Walls
11. After Midnight - Van "Piano Man" Walls
12. Roll 'Em Pete - Joe Turner
13. Fore Day Rider - Jay McShann
14. My Chile - Jay McShann
15. Cow Cow Blues - Meade Lux Lewis
16. Albert's Blues - Meade Lux Lewis
17. Honky Tonk Train Blues - Meade Lux Lewis
18. Low Society - Ray Charles
19. Hey Bartender - Floyd Dixon
20. Floyd's Blues - Floyd Dixon
21. After Hours Blues - Texas Johnny Brown
22. Junco Partner - Doctor John
23. I Don't Know - Willie Mabon

In his liner notes to this Atlantic Records piano blues anthology, "Living Blues" magazine editor Jim O'Neal writes that "The Atlantic team knew what they liked; they also knew what sold." It's instructive, then, that six songs from the original vinyl release -- two each by Little Brother Montgomery and Ray Charles, one each by Professor Longhair and Joe Turner, remain off the CD reissue 11 years later. Musical archeology only sells so far.

This carelessness of sequencing (two songs each from Jimmy Yancey and Meade Lux Lewis would have made their cases) is part of why "Atlantic Blues Piano" is weakest among the label's four volume blues series despite some exceptional performances. You get some of blues' finest pianists and samples of native city styles (Chicago, Kansas City, New Orleans. But the artists are caught either pre-ascension (Charles on a 1953 audition tape of Lowell Fulsom's "Low Society," Amos Milburn quarterbacking Texas Johnny Brown's jumpin' "After Hours Blues" with a superb intro) or post-peak (Yancey, heard without "Mama," heard here two months before his death with a somber "Mournful Blues" and salute to fellow piano great Pinetop Perkins).

O'Neil acknowledges this in his liner notes. "Most of the pianists represented on this volume were already well-established recording artists by the time they went into the studio for Atlantic," he wrote."...their Atlantic sessions were in one way or another intended to recapture or restore past glory."

That said, enough excellent music remains on this collection to earn partial recommendation. The New Orleans piano style is well-represented by Longhair's signature song "Tiptina," while Longhair disciple Dr. John rocks on a too-funky "Junco Partner" from 1971's "Gumbo." Turner (with ace Kansas City pianist Pete Johnson) provides some classic early R&B with 1956's "Roll 'Em Pete" while Lewis (helped by a young John Scofield on guitar) gallops through "Fore Day Rider" and the ballad "My Chile."

"Atlantic Blues: Piano" is worthwhile for completists, but unfulfilling for casual listeners. Blues or R&B piano fans would do better reading the artist lineup, then finding a full album from that performer.
Anthony G. Pizza/Amazon.com

Dr. John · Junco Partner


Atlantic Jazz · Mainstream

Atlantic Jazz · Mainstream
Atlantic · 1986 · 68,6 Mb

01. I'll Be Seeing You · 3.14 · Tony Fruscella
02. Ain't Misbehavin' · 5.37 · Ray Charles
03. Stuffy · 5.39 · Coleman Hawkins & Milt Jackson
04. Django · 4.34 · The Modern Jazz Quartet
05. Daphné · 3.19 · Stéphane Grappelli
06. Perdido · 5.03 · Duke Ellington
07. Embraceable You · 7.00 · Art Farmer & Jim Hall
08. Four Brothers · 3.31 · Woody Herman
09. Everything Happens to Me · 5.43 · Ira Sullivan
10. Speedy Reeds · 5.35 · Clarke-Boland Big Band

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The Modern Jazz Quartet · Django

Atlantic Jazz · Mainstream

Nowadays, when the term "mainstream jazz" is used in most circles, it is synonymous with bland, inoffensive, smooth jazz. Perhaps all too aware of that, critic Bob Blumenthal stumbles a bit in his liner notes to Atlantic Jazz: Mainstream by going to the dictionary to explain how this album was compiled. He had no need to do so, for “mainstream” shouldn’t be considered a dirty word.

Rather, these are recordings made by some of the more popular artists to pass through the Atlantic studio. If their music appeals to a wider audience, not only exposing more listeners to jazz but also allowing Atlantic to pay the bills, so be it. These mainstream artists are widely respected in the jazz community. It’s not like we’re talking Kenny G here.

The concept of mainstream incorporates several unique types of jazz, at least as it is presented on this album. Big band is represented on tracks from Duke Ellington ("Perdido") and Woody Herman ("Four Brothers"), as well as a European edition co-led by expatriate bop drummer Kenny Clarke and Belgian piano player Francy Boland ("Speedy Reeds"). At the other end of the spectrum, The Modern Jazz Quartet performs a more intimate chamber jazz.

Horn man Tony Fruscella, who played in the cool mode, opens the album with a stirring rendition of "I'll Be Seeing You." Art Farmer and Ira Sullivan, both of whom prefer the bop style, also treat the listener to stately ballads.

Coleman Hawkins takes us back to the days of swing while David "Fathead" Newman and his employer, one Ray Charles, go even further back by giving a dedicated reading to Fats Waller’s “Ain’t Misbehavin’.”

Despite its abundance of styles, Atlantic Jazz: Mainstream is well programmed. For example, Side 2 contains the three big band tracks, all upbeat numbers, separated by the Farmer and Sullivan ballads, “Embraceable You” and “Everything Happens to Me”, respectively.

There is also a sense of jazz history, or at least continuity, at play. On Coleman Hawkins’ piece, the self-penned "Stuffy," Milt Jackson and Connie Kay back him up. The very next cut is “Django,” a tribute to the Gypsy guitar legend Django Reinhardt. It is performed by the Modern Jazz Quartet, of which Jackson and Kay were members. Following that number comes Reinhardt's own “Daphne” as performed by his onetime partner, violinist Stephane Grappelli.

Although there is nothing particularly earth-shattering about these performances, all 10 of its tracks are refreshing to hear. Also, each track has a different lead artist, something that cannot be said of most of the other albums in this series. In that sense, Atlantic Jazz: Mainstream is an ideal sampler. Recommended: Yes.

Atlantic Jazz: Post Bop
Atlantic Jazz: West Coast


ACT: 10 Magic Years

The Best Of ACT World Jazz 1992·2002
ACT · 2002 · 70.15 Min · 96,70 Mb

01. Blue Balls · 5.46 · Jasper van’t Hof, Wayne Krantz
02. Burning of the Midnight Lamp · 7.13 · Nguyên Lê, T.L.Carrington
03. Calima · 4.44 · Gerardo Nuñez, Michael Brecker, R.Garcia-Fons
04. Impresiones Intimas #1 · 4.29 · Beirach, Huebner, Mraz
05. Dodge The Dodo · 5.15 · Esbjörn Svensson Trio
06. Shadows In The Rain · 3.26 · Sidsel Endresen, C.Lauer, J.Thomas
07. Norwegian Psalm · 4.48 · Joachim Kühn, M.Stockhausen, M.Gibbs
08. Höpsi · 2.53 · Nils Landgren, Esbjörn Svensson
09. New Orleans Strutt · 8.55 · J.DeJohnette, B.Purdie, J.Mance.
10. You Dig · 5.03 · Nils Landgren Funk Unit, Brecker Bros, B.Purdie
11. Massanicissé · 8.32 · Soriba Kouyaté, Paolo Fresu, L.Marthe
12. Mangustao · 04.36 · Nguyên Lê, Huong Thanh, Paolo Fresu
13. Funk Raï · 5.15 · Nguyên Lê, Karim Ziad, Cheb Mami
14. La conga de medianoche · 3.52 · Ramón Valle
15. Preludio y Danza · 5.52 · J.Paxariño, Chano Dominguez, G.Velez
16. El Vito Cante · 3.44 · J.M.Cañizares, C.Benavent, J.Pardo
17. Everything Must Change · 4.37 · Nils Landgren / Fleshquartet

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Ramón Valle · Levitando

Ramon Valle piano Omar Rodriguez Calvo bass Julio Barreto drums
Montreux Jazz Festival 2002

ACT: 10 Magic Years

Diez años de riesgo son, en el mundillo discográfico, buena excusa de celebración. Torres más altas han caído en menos tiempo por el riesgo asumido. Ser creativo en la propuesta discográfica suele desembocar en dos caminos: la muerte o la absorción por una multinacional (¿acaso sinónimo de lo primero?).

Tratar de resumir en los 70 minutos (la duración del disco) lo mejor de un sello como ACT es ardua tarea. Son muchos los sonidos que quedan para la curiosidad personal de investigación y, por lo contrario, se cuelan otros que quizá desentonan en contexto marcado por la especial belleza del jazz que bebe de la cultura tradicional.

La cultura tradicional caracteriza en muchos casos la diferencia sustancial del jazz del resto del mundo en comparación con el jazz norteamericano. Siglos de tradición musical (y por extensión, cultural) reflejados en una música de especial sentimiento. Sentimientos de cultura tradicional sueca (excepcional dúo Nils Landgren -trombón- y Esbjörn Svensson -piano-), vietnamita (Nguyên Lê - guitarra- Huong Thanh -voz-), flamenca (Cañizares, Pardo, Benavent, "El Portugués"... ¿necesitan presentación?) entre otras. Todas ellas caracterizan a este sello creado por Sigfried Loch quien, antes de crear ACT, conoció las miserias de la industria discográfica. Miserias de creatividad.

Este "diez años mágicos" hace justicia a uno de los lemas de la casa: "Un poco de magia en un mundo ruidoso". Filosofías que de alguna manera anexionan ACT con el también alemán ECM y su ya famoso "el mejor sonido después del silencio".

En resumen: un recopilatorio que sirve de escaparate de lo que ACT ofrece en una, en general, acertada selección. Descubrimiento de nombres a respetar y confirmación de los ya clásicos de lo no tan clásico.

Curiosidad a modo de Post Data: el sello se fundó en 1992 con un proyecto de jazz-flamenco llamada "Jazzpaña" con nombres del flamenco y jazz-flamenco español, la WDR alemana y artistas internacionales como Michael Brecker o Peter Erskine. Sello alemán. En fin... y aquí, muriéndonos del asco.
Carlos Pérez Cruz/El Club de Jazz

Global Magic


The Best Of Blue Note

A Selection From 25 Best Albums
Blue Note · 1994 · 102 Mb

01. Moanin' · 9.30 · Art Blakey
02. Midnight Blue · 4.00 · Kenny Burrell
03. Caravan · 4.12 · Duke Ellington
04. The Kid From Red Bank · 2.36 · Count Basie
05. Un Poco Loco · 4.43 · Bud Powell
06. Ornithology · 4.23 · Charlie Parker
07. Rocker · 3.03 · Miles Davis Quintet
08. I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry · 5.20 · Dexter Gordon
09. Let's Get Lost · 3.41 · Chet Baker
10. Tune Up · 5.42 · Sonny Rollins
11. Criss Cross · 2.55 · Thelonious Monk
12. Blue Train · 10.40 · John Coltrane
13. Maiden Voyage · 7.55 · Herbie Hancock
14. Que Pasa · 5.35 · Horace Silver

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The Best Of Verve Master Edition 1

The Best Of Verve Master Edition
Verve · 1998 · 99,75 Mb

01. Ella Fitzgerald · Just Another Rhumba
02. D.Gillespie, S.Rollins & S.Stitt · On the Sunny Side of the Street
03. The Oscar Peterson Trio · "C" Jam Blues
04. Count Basie · Dinner With Friends
05. Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie · Bloomdido
06. Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges · Wabash Blues
07. Louis Armstrong & Oscar Peterson · Makin' Whoopee
08. Kenny Burrell · Downstairs
09. Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd · Samba Dees Days
10. Dizzy Gillespie · November Afternoon
11. Jimmy Smith · Main Title From 'The Carpetbaggars'
12. Erroll Garner · I've Got to Be a Rugcutter
13. C. Hawkins & B. Webster · You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To
14. Billie Holiday · Just One of Those Things
15. Lester Young & Oscar Peterson Trio · Ad Lib Blues
16. Bill Evans · One for Helen
17. Clifford Brown · Stardust

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Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges · Passion Flower

Duke Ellington Orchestra · Denmark 1967


The World Of Intuition 2

Music Of All Colours
Intuition · 2002 · 88,19 Mb

01. Ängskär · Maria Kalaniemi
02. Lied der Mignon · Van't Hof/Mariano/Swallow
03. May I Dance · Nicolas Simion Group
04. Andante Cantabile · Mikis Theodorakis
05. Air Wave · Al Gromer Khan
06. Tanguillos De Taburiente · Tito Alcedo
07. Nening · Farafina
08. Itkin · Värttinä
09. Humus · Don Cherry & The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra
10. The Way You Are · Rolf Kühn
11. Gingerbread Boy · Vital Information
12. Positive · Nighthawks
13. Rachel · David Friesen Trio
14. Bimag · Amjad Ali Khan
15. Woinde · Gabin Dabire
16. Salime · Ayub Ogada

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Nicolas Simion · Thinking Of Bartok

Nicolas Simion Group
Transylvanian Grooves at Hradec Kralove
Czech Republic · 2007

The World Of Intuition 1


Enja · Ballads 3

The Enja World Of Jazz 3
Enja · 2002 · 84,68 Mb

01. Antonio Farao · I Could Have Done Much More · 04:40
02. Stefanie Schlesinger · Why Shouldn't You Cry · 05:01
03. Mel Martin & Benny Carter · Zanzibar · 06:06
04. Melissa Walker · Twilight Song · 04:45
05. Abdullah Ibrahim · Star Dance · 04:59
06. Michael Gregory · Cowboys Cartoons And Assorted Candy · 02:55
07. Dusko Goykovich · In My Dreams · 07:26
08. David Klein · Kiss · 07:06
09. Antonio Hart · Ama Tu Sonrisa · 06:51
10. Karl Ratzer · I Fall In Love Too Easily · 04:55
11. Charlie Mariano · You Better Go Now · 06:23

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